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About Karamsad


Karamsad is a small town located in the Anand District in the State of Gujarat. It is the birth place of Sardar Ballavbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India. The house, where the Sardar spent his early years, has now become a center of pilgrimage for every patriotic Indian.

Geography of Karamsad

Karamsad is located to the west of district headquarters Anand at a distance of 5 km from it. Gujarat State Highway 83, which runs from Anand to Tarapur, cuts through this town. It is also approachable from Anand via Karamsad Road. Due to rapid urbanization the town has now become a suburb of the city of Anand.

The geographical coordinate of Karamsad is 22.55° North latitude and 72.9° East longitude. The average elevation of the town is 35 metres (114 feet). Karamsad Talav is a big lake located in the northern part of the town. Tobacco is the main crop grown around Karamsad.

Climate in Karamsad

Karamsad has hot summer and a pleasant winter.  The hot weather starts in the beginning of March and ends in June. During that period the temperature ranges from 32°C to 44°C. The monsoon which starts in July brings some relief. Although the rains are infrequent the cool winds that blows in from the sea makes life a little easier. Rains generally continue till September. However, cold weather does not set in before November.  The temperature during the winter season ranges from 10°C to 26°C and continues till February, after which the temperature begins to rise once more.

History of Karamsad

The earliest recorded history of this region shows that the area was inhabited by Koli tribes in the middle of twelve century AD. The members of the tribe did not have any knowledge about agriculture and earned their living mainly by robbery. According to unconfirmed report a man called Aja Patel came to settle here in around 1211 AD. He introduced farming in this area and very soon a prosperous settlement came up on the land we now call Karamsad.

We do not what happened to the family or the area in the following years. The next person we come to know about is Kupa Patel, a fourteenth generation descendent from Aja Patel. He renovated an old Shiva Temple, located in western end of the town. His son Lakha Patel had a lake dug.

Next we come to known about Devidas, who had two sons Majhibahi and Bajibhai. However, the story becomes a little confused from here. According to one version, Majhibahi had four sons who became revenue collector for the Mughal Governor of Ahmedabad and began to be known as Patidars. They and their descendents built six different khadkis, which signify their position in the society. Incidentally, Khadkis are streets that have a number of houses with a common gate.

Another story says that Majhibhai had six sons. During that period Rajputs were a dominant community at Karamsad. Majhibhai had some enmity with them and some sort of litigation was going on between them in Petland Court. One day while returning from the court two of his sons were murdered by the said Rajputs. In the end Rajputs were forced to leave the village and the Patidar or Patels became the dominant group in the village.

Administration in Karamsad

Karamsad Town

Today Karamsad is a municipal town, located in the suburbs of district headquarters Anand. However, there is a proposal to merge it Municipal Corporation of Anand in near future. As of today, the city has 7 municipal wards, each of which is represented by elected representatives. They function under the guidance of a Chairman selected from among them. To know more: click here.

Mamlatdar in Karamsad

However, the revenue administration of Karamsad is offered by Mamlatdar, posted in the district headquarters Anand. He has multiple duties, chief of which is to keep in close contact with the public and solve their problems at Taluka level. In case of necessity you may contact him at the following address

Office of Mamlatdar
District Seva Sadan,
Near Ganesh Chokadi,
City: Anand
Gujarat - 388540
Phone No: +91 2692 264064 / +91 2692 263846

Prant Officer in charge of Karamsad is also stationed at district headquarters Anand.  His office is also located in the District Seva Sadan. To reach him you may visit him in person or call at +91 2692 264045.

District Collector, Anand

However, the District Collector is the senior-most administrative officer for the entire district and both the Mamlatdar and the Prant Officer are directly responsible to him.  Therefore, if you have any complain or information to provide you may contact him at the following address:

District Collector Office
Near Borsad Chokdi,
Opp. DSP Office,
City: Anand,
Gujarat - 388540

Office Phone No: +91 2692 262871
Fax No: +91 2692 241575
Email Id: collector-and@gujarat.gov.in

Business and Economy in Karamsad

Although Karamsad is an urban settlement, agriculture plays an important role in the economy of this town. Tobacco grown in this region has great demand all over India. Consequently, the farming community living in and around the town is quite prosperous and contributes greatly to the economy of the town.  Moreover, trading in tobacco is also a major business here. 

Industries are another important factor in the economic scenario of Karamsad. Many industries have set up their unit in and around the town. While the town itself has many small and big industries, GIDC Estate located just outside its periphery has many more. Vitthal Udyognagar, located at distance of 2.8 km from the city, is another industrial town in this area. All of them together have great impact on the economy of Karamsad.

GMM Pfaudler in Karamsad

Economy in Karamsad

GMM Pfaudler is one of the large scale industries in Karamsad. The company manufacture different kinds of high tech goods such as gas lined equipments, kilo lab units, pipes and fittings that are corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and nonstick, filtration and drying application etc.

The company was incorporated in 1962 as Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers.  The name was changed to GMM Pfaudler Limited in 1999 when Pfaudler Inc., USA subscribed to 51% of its stake.  Today the company has a state of the art plant at Karamsad. It is spread over 20 acres of land with a covered area of over 21,000 sq. meters. In addition to 5 furnaces (3 electric and 2 natural gas), the plant is equipped with all kinds of latest equipments. 

NRIs in Karamsad

The fourth factor that has immense influence on the economy of the town is its ever growing breed of Non Resident Indians.  The money they send home has not only been used in development of the town, but has been instrumental to building many schools, colleges and factories.

Karamsad Tourism

Tourism in Karamsad

Apart from big industries, the town has many places of tourist interest. Among them we should mention Sardar Patel Memorial first. It has been erected by Sardar Patel Trust to commemorate two Patel brothers; i.e Sardar Ballavbhai Patel and his brother Veer Vitthalbhai Patel, both of whom were great patriots and freedom fighters.

 Other than that, the town has many temples that you may also visit. Among these we may name Santaram Temple, Swaminarayan Temple, Temple of Goddess Khodiyar, Bapeshwar Mahadev etc.  There is also a beautiful Jain Temple belonging to the Digambar sect in this city. Jain festivals like Dash Lakshan Parva and Paryushana Parva are held in this temple every year.

Medical Tourism in Karamsad

Medica tourism in Karamsad

Karamsad is now slowly emerging as a center for medical tourism. Charutar Arogya Mandal has set up a 550-bedded multi-specialty hospital amid 100 acres of greenery in this town.  It is called Shree Krishna Hospital and it offers the best treatment at the most reasonable rate. The diagnostic and treatment facilities at this hospital are not only exclusive, but they are also of international standard. It also has numerous specialist doctors and super specialist consultants attached to it. Away from all kinds of urban chaos, this hospital also offers the ideal setting for rest and recovery. To know more you may contact at

Charutar Arogya Mandal
Gokal Nagar,
Karamsad - 388325
District - Anand (Gujarat, INDIA)
Phone: (91-2692) 228411,228412

How to Reach Karamsad

Karamsad can easily be reached by road transport. If you are traveling from outside the district, it is best to head for Anand first and then take Karamsad Road to reach the town. In addition, the town has GJ SH 83 running through it.

It is true that Karamsad also has a railway station coded KRYR. However, mostly local trains running between Anand Jn and Khambat stop here. Therefore, if you are traveling by rail, it is best to go to Anand first and then travel to Karamsad either by road transport system or by DMU trains. 

Trains Passing through Karamsad

Following are the trains that make a stoppage at Karamsad:

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand DMU (79414)
Arrival: 14:32 hr
Departure: 14:33 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number):
Anand Khambhat DMU (79413)
Arrival: 13:40 hr
Departure: 13:41 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand DMU (79428)
Arrival: 6:06 hr
Departure: 6:07 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand Passenger (79418)
Arrival: 8:16 hr
Departure: 8:17 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand DMU (79422)
Arrival: 10:21 hr
Departure: 10:22 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambat Anand DMU (79416)
Arrival: 13:26 hr
Departure: 12:27 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand DMU (79426)
Arrival: 16:36 hr
Departure: 16:37 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand Passenger (79420)
Arrival: 18:51 hrs
Departure: 18:52 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Khambhat Anand DMU (79424)
Arrival: 21:16 hr
Departure: 21:17 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Anand Khambhat DMU (79423)
Arrival: 15:49 hr
Departure: 15:50 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Anand Khambat Passenger (79419)
Arrival: 18:04 hr
Departure: 18:05 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Anand Khambhat DMU (79427)
Arrival: 20:28 hr
Departure: 20:29 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Anand Khambat Passenger (79417)
Arrival: 7:29 hr
Departure: 7:30 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number):
Anand Khambat DMU (79425)
Arrival: 9:34 hr
Departure: 9:35 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number):
Anand Khambat DMU (79415)
Arrival: 11:39 hr
Departure: 11:40 hr
Working days: Daily 

Train Name (Number): Anand Khambhat DMU (79421)
Arrival: 5:19 hr
Departure: 5:20 hr
Working days: Daily 

Traveling by Air to Karamsad

Although Karamsad does not have any airport, the town is easily accessible by air through two major airports of this area; i.e. Vadodara (45 Km) and Ahmedabad (70 Km). Both these airports have daily flights to and from Mumbai and other Indian metros. Once you reach Vadodora or Ahmedabad, you may take buses or taxis to reach Karamsad.

Karamsad at a Glance

Taluka: Anand
District: Anand
State: Gujarat
Pin Code: 388325
STD Code: 02692
Elevation: 35 meters
Coordinate: 22.55° N and 72.9° E

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